#Ultimate U

A Journey

#Ultimate U by Rene Suhardono

I bought a book written by Rene Suhardono called ‘#Ultimate U’

The Book ‘Ultimate U’ contained Rene’s words collection that published in “Ultimate U” column in Kompas. In this book Rene talking about working with PASSION.

Isn’t that interesting, PASSION.

Here, I work as auditor but my background studies for almost 5 years are all about Law. Contradictive (as I may say), but hey… my company pay me as auditor, what should I do about it?

One thing for sure, after living my life doing my professional work for almost 2 years (you may call that 2 years are just not enough, but for me, it’s  enough is enough) I can surely say out loud, that auditing and accountancy are NOT MY THINGS.

Reading “#Ultimate U” gives me courage to start digging my PASSION.

In the end, I hope that there will come a day that I could say “I only doing what I love to do”.


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